Community Guidelines

  1. We believe that social change is a non-partisan issue.
  2. We will respect your confidentiality! soft riot radicals will NEVER post personal information beyond your first name (ie phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc). Your post can be completely anonymous as well. Just let us know.
  3.  Questions asked may be used in Q & A posts. We will check with you beforehand and all questions will be kept anonymous.
  4. All information in posts will be fact checked. Cite your sources.
  5. Submissions and questions are not subject to mandatory reporting. That being said, we reserve the right to reveal your identity to protect you or others. This includes but is not limited to threats violence towards yourself or others, reports of abuse, etc. We will inform you of our intent if the need to report arises.
  6. We have ZERO tolerance for hate speech. That means any homophobic, transphobic, racist, classist, sexist, xenophobic or otherwise defamatory, bigoted, or offensive language or imagery will be removed from the site. Any submissions including offensive language as outlined above will not be posted.
  7. By submitting work to soft riot radicals, you are allowing it to be posted, shared, discussed, etc. You will be given credit on all platforms we share it on.
  8. Just because you submit something, doesn’t mean it will be posted!