Meet the team!

Julia S-24

 Julia (they/them/theirs) co-founder/sexuality and reproductive politics

Julia’s introduction to activism started with their experience in high school sex ed and growing up queer in a red state. Since then, Julia has been pushing for inclusive, comprehensive sex ed and trying to combat the negative effects of our current system. They are currently pursuing a BA critiquing power in american culture through policy, social justice, and public health at the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands. Some of their current campaigns include providing access to environmentally friendly menstrual products and working as a Title IX intern. Their eventual goal is to run for office and work for organizations which amplify and empower youth voice in politics.


Jeremy (he/him/his) co-founder/environmental activism

Hello! My name is Jeremy Houston. My interest in radical politics came from growing up in, statistically, the most conservative part of an already right leaning state. With my parents heavily involved with the local assembly I was subject to a lot of criticism very young for my parents’ ideals. This was a catalyst for more progressive thought and was carried forth into my young adult years. When I moved to the Capitol of Alaska to attend University of Alaska Southeast and study Social Sciences, I immediately got involved with the campus Sustainability Club and co-chaired the political and outreach committee. In addition to the Sustainability Club I work directly with the University’s Counselling Department and the UAS Care Team through my job at the Student Resource Center. These experiences have, and will continue to allow me to help create an environment where every individual is cared for.

Dexter (he/him/his) ESA/mental health advocacy

Dexter is an emotional support dog at the University of Redlands. He likes snacks and attention and destigmatizing mental health. He’s not too sure about doors yet. Originally from Alaska, Dexter is a fan of all the animals he gets to meet in California, especially the lizards. He is very proud of his role in the ESA process series and excited to go to protests to help advocate for his human. Find him on instagram @softriotdexter!